The K2 Inherently Safe Technology Plant requires water, inert salt and electricity to produce bleach.

  • The production process starts by passing electricity through a brine (salt water) solution using advanced bi-polar membrane cell technology. A by-product of this process, hydrogen, is used to reduce green house gas emissions and can be re-used to generate electricity.
  • The products of the electrolysis process are immediately reacted in a state-of-the-art Continuous Bleach Plant which produces bleach of superior purity and quality.
  • The revolutionary nature of this process lies with the efficient cell membrane technology that has made it economical to operate.

Once produced, our bleach can be safely and easily stored, transported and used for water purification and disinfection or any number of other applications.

K2's "Inherently Safe Technology" plants offer a safer solution for treating wastewater and drinking water as compared with traditional uses of chlorine in water treatment - at no additional cost to facilities or taxpayers; while eliminating the need to transport chlorine.

We call our process "Inherently Safe Technology" for three reasons:

  1. The process reduces the need to transport chlorine, a hazardous material used for treating and purifying water, among a myriad of other applications.
  2. The key inputs of salt and water are non-toxic, renewable and naturally occurring; and
  3. The outputs are stable, non-hazardous, non-toxic products such as bleach, and caustic soda that can be safely stored and transported for used in water treatment and other applications.