K2 Pure Solutions Contracts with Aker Kvaerner Chemetics for Chicago Plant

07/10/2007 in Company News

K2 Pure Solutions has engaged Aker Kvaerner Chemetics of Vancouver, a leading engineering and technology company, to perform the detailed engineering and project support services for K2 Pure’s inherently safe, state-of-the-art sodium hypochlorite facility in the Chicago area.

K2 Pure’s greater Chicago area facility is expected to be operational during the fourth quarter of 2008 and will provide industry and residents of the region with the highest quality disinfectant sodium hypochlorite possible, without transporting or storing hazardous chlorine. K2 Pure’s bleach can be used for a variety of purposes most notably water treatment and can be made available to government and industry without the grave safety and environmental risks associated with transporting and handling chlorine.

Howard Brodie, K2 Pure’s CEO says that “A strategic partnership with an experienced technology company such as Aker Kvaerner Chemetics will help K2 Pure to bring our state-of-the-art facilities and their benefits to market in a more efficient and cost effective manner”.

Aker Kvaerner Chemetics’ has 40 years of experience supplying Chlor-alkali plants. Ian Bailey, Aker Kvaerner Chemetics’ Director of Chemical Business commented that “We are excited to be part of this leading edge opportunity which will change the sodium hypochlorite delivery model in North America.”

K2 Pure’s Chicago site is being developed by K2 Pure in conjunction with another of its strategic partners, KA Steel Chemicals, the largest manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite in the Midwest and one of the two largest distributors of caustic soda in the United States.

About K2 Pure Solutions

K2 Pure Solutions' mission is to reduce the need to transport chlorine for water treatment by deploying and funding a North America wide network of state-of-the-art facilities utilizing inherently safe technology. K2 Pure Solutions was founded by David Cynamon and Howard Brodie, the founders of KIK Custom Products, www.kikcorp.com, North America's largest contract manufacturer of private label household bleach, personal care and household cleaning products.

About Aker Kvaerner Chemetics

Aker Kvaerner Chemetics, A division of Aker Kvaerner Canada Inc. is a process technology company offering expertise and know-how in the design, supply, and operation of various proprietary process systems and plants, to the chemical, water treatment, fertilizer, pulp and paper and non-ferrous metals industries worldwide.

Aker Kvaerner Chemetics provides innovative processes that enhance performance and productivity while protecting the environment. Their cost-effective solutions result in plants that are safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally acceptable.

For further information: Santokh Baht, Business Development Manager, Aker Kvaerner Chemetics, A division of Aker Kvaerner Canada Inc:santokh.baht@akerkvaerner.com or (604)737-4497