K2 Pure Solutions Places Order with Uhdenora for Chicago Site

04/19/2007 in Company News

Uhdenora has been awarded the supply of a membrane electrolysis unit as well as proprietary and related plant components by K2 Pure Solutions for their bleach production plant in Lemont/Illinois USA. The electrolyser incorporates the latest version of the proven and energy-saving “Uhde single element” cell type BM 2.7.

This order falls within the previously announced strategic partnership for engineering and technology between K2 Pure Solutions and Uhdenora.

About K2 Pure Solutions

K2 Pure Solutions' mission is to reduce the need to transport chlorine for water treatment by deploying and funding a North America wide network of state-of-the-art facilities utilizing inherently safe technology. K2 Pure Solutions was founded by David Cynamon and Howard Brodie, the founders of KIK Custom Products, www.kikcorp.com, North America's largest contract manufacturer of private label household bleach, personal care and household cleaning products.

About Uhdenora S.p.A.

Uhdenora S.p.A. is a joint company of Uhde/Germany and Industrie De Nora/Italy and has a workforce of 72 employees worldwide. The company's activities focus on the design and construction of chemical and other industrial plants mainly in the following fields: chlor-alkali electrolysis, hydrochloric acid electrolysis and bleaching chemicals.